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Our creations. Our babies!

The name Bar One has become synonymous with great drinks.  From our garish Bubblegum Daiquiri, to our extravagant and award winning Brace Position, you always know that when we make your drink it will always have the best of ingredients, imagination, and love!

We specialise in lovingly creating, producing, and (more often than not) tasting all sorts of delightful libations that can be made with fresh fruit, sugar, and usually some form of alcogg… algamah… alcohooo… booze!

The team is passionate about wines, whiskies, spirits, and everything containing wines, whiskies & spirits.

We strive to offer the best in unpretentious, professional service while serving premium products in a relaxed, yet exciting enviromnent. Whether your out for a couple, or a whole night, Bar One is a “must stop” where you are guaranteed a night of exceptional drinks, and always some off the cuff, and often unplanned entertainment!

Check out our extensive range of drinks below, but don’t be afraid to go off menu, by requesting ‘that cocktail you had in that place a year ago’, or by telling us that you simply hate gin, and like a fruity drink, and let us do our thing!

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